Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Free General Web Directory

Those familiar with the history of internet directories would agree that directory has been known for years to be one of the popular general directory destinations on the internet striving to maintain the right balance between strict editorial control of the user submitted content and the wide acceptance of the diversity offered by the internet by sites and informational resources from all walks of life, various geographies and areas of human interests. directory is a free broad web catalog; human altered that particularly fits your needs! We confirm every connection and verify it passes the most elevated quality principles. We are a developing group of individuals who need to make the net a more secure spot to surf, so in the event that you are not kidding and you have a decent site that you need to make known, don't hesitate to submit it to our connection catalog, where it will be recorded alongside other quality locales in its specialty.

A Web directory organizes Web sites by subject, and is usually maintained by humans instead of software. The searcher looks at sites organized in a series of categories and menus. These collections of links are usually much smaller than search engines' databases, since the sites are looked at by human eyes.

To get your site listed in our business directory please use the category navigation above to find the most relevant section within the web directory for your site then select the "Add site" button placed after the category options. If you are having trouble locating the correct category then using a relevant word in the search function will make some category suggestions for you. If you still cannot locate a relevant category, then please suggest a Category to us.

A web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web with links to other web sites and categorizing those links by various topics. Our web directory is general in scope and list websites across a wide range of categories.  You can see the complete list of our categories below. Our directory is a human edited SEO friendly general web directory and we thoroughly review all submissions and accept only high quality websites. If we do not accept your listing, we will refund your website review fee.

These days, submission of websites to web directories is considered a common SEO (search engine optimization) technique to get back-links for your web site in addition to the targeted traffic you get from the visitors of the directory itself.

As one of the world′s top online business directories, we return first-page rankings in the search engines for competitive terms like: ‘website directory′, ‘web directory′, ‘web directories′ and ‘website directories′, along with thousands of first-page results for our individual categories: but results like these are just some of the reasons that make us the trusted choice for many website owners.
This web directory always has been, and always will be a 100% human edited directory. This means all the sites listed here have been checked and verified by the team as content rich, relevant sites ensuring you get the best from your searches. For more information visit the site .         

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